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Little Creek Academy prides itself in our fun and engaging curriculum. Our Pre-K curriculum is aligned with the Georgia Early Learning and Development standards. 


As a former Kindergarten teacher, Ms Caitlin has insight and an understanding of what students should know and have mastered before entering Kindergarten. All lessons aligns the pre-k curriculum based on the GELDS. Small group work and differentiated instruction is carefully put together to ensure success with our students needs and abilities in mind.



FUNdations is a multisensory and structured language program. We plan various activities for learning letter-keyword-sounds and letter-formation skills. FUNdations creates the foundational skills needed to master reading and spelling in the coming years! Our students work through out the school year on reading and writing CVC words (constant-vowel-constant words), studying word families and reading emergent readers. 


Our math program includes mastering writing numerals 0-9 allowing children to write numbers up to 100. Throughout the school year we also work on one-to-one correspondence, ten frames, building teen numbers, counting to 100 and addition and subtraction within 5. We love to use manipulatives and playing math games to help master various math objectives.


Our science units are fun and exciting! We have various units throughout the school year - five senses, sink or float, magnets and opposites, dental health, healthy habits and the human body, life cycles of frogs and ladybugs! We also let the students explore with various sensory bins and supervised sensory play.

Arts & Crafts

We LOVE a good craft at Little Creek so gear up to save cute crafts throughout our school year! Although we have a busy schedule and a solid curriculum, we want our students to have a creative outlet. Each day there is a fun craft for students to create. At Little Creek we want the children to create their own crafts, imperfect crafts are the BEST kind!

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